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Side Projects – Songs

Song rankings are only available for releases in which a Green Day member was the principal songwriter.

1The Last Time - The Longshot74.5
2Mother Mary - Foxboro Hot Tubs54.5
3Love Is For Losers - The Longshot74.4
4Money Money 2020 - The Network44.4
5Devil's Kind - The Longshot84.3
6Kill Your Friends - The Longshot74.2
7Turn Me Loose - The Longshot74.2
8The Pedestrian - Foxboro Hot Tubs54.2
9Cult Hero - The Longshot74.1
10Spike - The Network44.1
11Ruby Room - Foxboro Hot Tubs53.9
12Supermodel Robots - The Network43.9
13Joe Robot - The Network43.8
14Stop, Drop And Roll - Foxboro Hot Tubs43.8
15Broadway - Foxboro Hot Tubs33.8
16Sally - Foxboro Hot Tubs43.6
17Transistors Gone Wild - The Network43.5
18Chasing A Ghost - The Longshot73.4
19Pieces Of Truth - Foxboro Hot Tubs43.4
20Roshambo - The Network43.3
21Taxi Driver - The Longshot73.2
22Spastic Society - The Network33.2
23Teenagers From Mars - The Network33.2
24Hungry Hungry Models - The Network33.2
25Soul Surrender - The Longshot73.1
26Reto - The Network43.1
27Dark Side Of Night - Foxboro Hot Tubs43.0
2827th Ave. Shuffle - Foxboro Hot Tubs43.0
29She's A Saint, Not A Celebrity - Foxboro Hot Tubs43.0
30Happiness - The Longshot72.9
31Body Bag - The Longshot72.9
32Right Hand A Rama - The Network32.7
33Goodbye To Romance - The Longshot72.6
34Love And Money - The Network32.5
35Red Tide - Foxboro Hot Tubs42.4
36X Ray Hamburger - The Network32.2
37Alligator - Foxboro Hot Tubs42.0
38Hammer Of The Gods - The Network32.0