Billie Joe’s Campfire 
Collection of Green Day live videos along with the memories Billie Joe had of those shows from his #billiejoescampfire campaign on Instagram.

Billie Joe’s Handwritten Song Lyrics 
Featuring a collection of Green Day song lyrics from the past 30 years that were handwritten by Billie Joe Armstrong while the songs were being developed.

Police File 
Green Day’s most infamous moments, run-ins with law enforcement and general debauchery.

Larry Livermore Recalls His First Sweet Children Concert 
In an excerpt from his book ‘Spy Rock Memories’, Larry Livermore recalls the night he saw Sweet Children for the first time and knew immediately that he wanted to make a record with them

Warning EPK (October 3, 2000)
This mockumentary hosted by David Cross (Arrested Development) was included with special editions of Warning.

Billie Sends In Lyrics For ‘Platypus’ (September 1997)
Billie’s wife Adrienne asked if there were any questions I wanted her to forward to Billie with the release of Nimrod approaching. I had heard that the lyrics to ‘Platypus (I Hate You)’ wouldn’t be included on the Nimrod inlay and asked why. Billie wrote back with not only the reason but also typed out all the lyrics for the then unreleased song,

Billie Responds To Angry Parents Letter (Spring 1997)
Prior to the release of Nimrod, Billie’s wife Adrienne faxed me this letter from a parent along with his reply to be posted on the site. While I didn’t know it at the time, the song ‘Reject’ from the forthcoming Nimrod album was directly inspired by this letter and included in the lyrics is a line from Billie’s response – “(What’s) the difference between you and me. I do what I want and you do what you’re told.”

Billie’s Letter To The Fans (March 5, 1997)
Billie faxed me this letter to post on the website to update fans on what was happening with the band in the winter of ’97, it was also sent out to Idiot Club members by mail. He also made sure to correct one of the news updates I’d posted on the site which reported that Green Day were working on demos for the next album.

My Adventure With Green Day (December 17, 1991)
Originally written for the punk fanzine Tales Of Blarg!, the name “Laurie L” is a reference to Lookout! Records founder Lawrence Livermore who wrote the story. The fictional story was later featured on the Kerplunk inlay.

On Tour With Green Day (Summer 1990)
Aaron Cometbus has published his Cometbus zine for many years but he’s also served as Green Day’s roadie from time to time, not to mention being a member of Pinhead Gunpowder along with Billie. This is Aaron’s documentation of Green Day’s 1990 tour which appeared in an issue of Cometbus.

Green Day Bits (Summer 1990)
A collection of facts about that band members and their friends that was included on the Slappy EP inlay.