Green Day Father Of All Tracklist

‘Father Of All’ Tracklist & Back Cover Revealed

Imagine my surprise when an anonymous package, postmarked from California, arrived in my mailbox containing the album we’ve all been waiting for, Green Day’s  Father Of All Motherfuckers which isn’t

Green Day Magnum Opus Of The Inglorious Kind - Panicland prank

Panicland: Behind The ‘Magnum Opus’ Prank

Before every Green Day album, fan-created “leaks” pop up everywhere – Reddit, 4chan, Instagram, etc – but this one was different. Most often fans debate the reasons a leak can’t

Green Day at the 2019 Video Game Awards

Green Day Rock The 2019 Video Game Awards

Green Day took the stage last night at the 2019 Video Game Awards and as with their appearance at the American Music Awards, the band played homage to the 25th

Billie Joe Armstrong meets Billie Eilish

Billie Eilish & Billie Joe Armstrong Talk Shop

Rolling Stone’s latest issue features famous musicians chatting with the musicians that came before and inspired them. Billie Joe Armstrong has made no secret of his admiration for Billie Eilish

Rare Green Day Demo surfaces of Stay

1988 Gilman St Demo Of ‘Stay’ Surfaces

A demo of the unreleased Green Day track ‘Stay’ was posted today by tape collector Todd Pritchard who has become known for surfacing these rare gems. Todd, who provided all

Green Day release Fire Ready Aim single

‘Fire, Ready, Aim’ Single Released

Just minutes before ‘Fire, Ready, Aim’ made its television debut as the new theme song for NBC Sports’ Wednesday Night Hockey, Green Day dropped the single on Apple Music, Spotify

FOAM Continues It’s Climb Up Rock Charts

Father Of All Motherfuckers, the lead single and title track from Green Day’s upcoming album, has continued to perform well in the three weeks it’s been on the Billboard Rock

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