A New Look at Green Day's Kerplunk Artwork

Remaking Kerplunk’s “Unfinished” Artwork

Chris Appelgren created a lot of album art in his 20 plus years working for (and in the end owning) Lookout! Records. He was still in high school when he started at the label and worked with Green Day for the first time, contributing artwork for their first studio album, 39/Smooth. “For that album, I

Green Day release Fire Ready Aim single

‘Fire, Ready, Aim’ Single Released

Just minutes before ‘Fire, Ready, Aim’ made its television debut as the new theme song for NBC Sports’ Wednesday Night Hockey, Green Day dropped the single on Apple

FOAM Continues It’s Climb Up Rock Charts

Father Of All Motherfuckers, the lead single and title track from Green Day’s upcoming album, has continued to perform well in the three weeks it’s been on the

Green Day Partner with the NHL

Green Day Partners With The NHL

The NHL announced today that they will be partnering with Green Day for the next two years and using a new song, titled ‘Fire, Ready, Aim’ from the


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